MSCs and Innovative Biomaterials in Dentistry

This authoritative reference presents the modern concepts of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and biomaterials as they pertain to the dental field. The book is organized around three main topics: MSCs biology, advanced biomaterials, and clinical applications. The chapters present basic information on stem cell biology and physiology, modern biomaterials that improve bone tissue regeneration, the biomatrices like platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) used to functionalize the biomaterials surface, the strategic and safe intraoral seats of harvesting, the new sources for MSCs, as well as the future perspectives and new challenges in these exciting fields. The contributors are top scientists with a great deal of experience in regenerative dentistry and biomedical research. They offer an international perspective and are richly cross-disciplinary, representing academia, research, and industry. MSCs and Innovative Biomaterials in Dentistry is indispensable reading for students, researchers, and clinicians who need to stay up-to-date on the cutting-edge developments of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applied to dental sciences.

Over de auteur

Dr. Marco Tatullo is the Scientific Director of the Research Institute Tecnologica, a private center focused on regenerative medicine, stem cell research and biomaterials. He has a doctoral degree in Dental Sciences and a PhD in Medical Biochemistry, Medical Biology and Physics from University of Bari, Italy. He has authored over 60 scientific articles on mesenchymal stem cells and innovative biomaterials for medical and dental applications. He has also served as a guest researcher at the Italian Agency for New Technologies, as chair at the TERMIS symposium, and as an evaluator for H2020 EU grants.


Preface .- Rigorous Methodology in Stem Cell Research.- Oral derived MSCs used to treat the periodontitis.- The physiopathology of the acute inflammation in oral diseases: the steps of the soft tissues healing.- Periodontal ligament stem cells (PDLSCs): how to collect the samples in routinely surgical procedures.- GMP and GCP in dental MSCs research.- RCTs in dental MSCs research.- Dental Pulp regeneration with MSCs from dental origin: state of the art.- Stem Cells from Apical Papilla.- Stem cells from exfoliated deciduous teeth (SHED).- Biocompatible dental materials in dental Prosthetics.- Atraumatic protocols to harvest the dental pulp from the third molars to use for DPSCs isolation.- DPSCs: what's new?.- Periodontal ligament Stem Cells and translational use in dentistry.- New Dental Materials in Dentistry.- Innovative Biomaterials in Bone Tissue Engineering.- Dental Stem Cells and Bone tissue regeneration in dental Implantology.- P.R.F. and Regenerative Medicine.- Human Periapical Cysts- Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hPCy-MSCs.- Afterword: Future insights on Dental Stem Cell Biology.

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