Theory of Cancer Care in Healthcare Settings

This book provides healthcare professionals with a practice theory for the care and management of patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. It explores what patients experience and how healthcare professionals can assist them in dealing with their uncertainty and fear as well as planning for the future.

Over de auteur

Dr Maya Shaha is a senior lecturer at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Dr Shaha teaches nursing theory and also supervises students studying at Masters and Doctoral level. Dr Shaha also serves as a scientific collaborator in the Department of Nursing Development of the Inselspital, Bern University Hospital in Switzerland.


1. An Introduction to Theory. Theory formation for practice [C. L. Cox] 2. Phenomenology and Theory Formation, With Reference to Health Care. [Alphons Grieder] 3. Existing Theories in Cancer Care [Anne Elisabeth Belcher, Jennifer Wenzel Song, Maya Zumstein-Shaha] 4. Theory of The Omnipresence of Cancer. Including two Concepts Uncertainty and Transitoriness [Carol Lynn Cox, Maya Zumstein-Shaha] 5. Ethical Dimensions of the Theory. The Omnipresence of Cancer [Verena Tschudin, Maya Zumstein-Shaha] 6. Transitoriness. instrument Development [Gina Tavares Sobral, Maya Zumstein-Shaha] 7. Coping Strategies in Cancer Patients [Gora DaRocha, Sandra Gaillard Desmedt] 8. Uncertainty in Cancer Patients [Maya Zumstein-Shaha, Carol Lynn Cox, Danny Kelly, Kirsi Talman] 9. Spirituality in Healthcare Provision [Carol Lynn Cox] 10. Epilogue [Carol Lynn Cox, Maya Zumstein-Shaha]

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