Pocket Reference for ECGs Made Easy

Get quick access to essential ECG information with the Pocket Guide for ECGs Made Easy, 6th Edition. Reflecting the American Heart Association's 2015 ECC resuscitation guidelines, this full-color guide contains key points and selected ECG rhythm strips to help you correctly identify ECG rhythms whether you're in the classroom or in the field. Each rhythm covered in the guide includes a brief description, a summary of heart rhythm characteristics, and a sample ECG rhythm strip. And with its numerous illustrations, call-out boxes, full-color layout, and easy-to-read, conversational style, this portable reference makes essential information not only easy to find, but also easy to understand.Easy-to-read, conversational tone makes understanding the information quick and easy.Brief description of each dysrhythmia is accompanied by a summary of heart rhythm characteristics and a sample ECG rhythm strip.Numerous tables, boxes, and full-color illustrations highlight and summarize key information. ECG Pearl boxes offer useful hints for interpreting ECGs, such as the importance of the escape pacemaker. NEW! Expanded coverage of ambulatory monitoring provides more in-depth guidance in this critical area.NEW! AHA compliance ensures information reflects the American Heart Association's 2015 ECC resuscitation guidelines. NEW! Updated content mirrors the updates in the core text, ECGs Made Easy, 6th Edition.


1. Anatomy & Physiology2. Basic Electrophysiology3. Sinus Mechanisms4. Atrial Rhythms5. Junctional Rhythms6. Ventricular Rhythms7. Atrioventricular Blocks8. Pacemaker Rhythms9. Introduction to the 12-Lead ECG

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Auteur(s)Barbara J. Aehlert
UitgeverElsevier Health Sciences
Verschenennovember 2017