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Basic Sciences in Anesthesia

Basic Sciences in Anesthesia

Ehab Farag, Maged Argalious, John Tetzlaff
This textbook presents the most recent evidenced-based knowledge in basic sciences in anesthesia. It covers topics from the syllabus of the American Board of Anesthesiology ... [Lees verder]
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Verwacht: 23 september 2017
Behavioral Sciences and Health Care

Behavioral Sciences and Health Care

Olle Jane Z. Sahler, John E. Carr, Julia B. Frank
The fourth edition of The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care is an invaluable resource for those educating the next generation of physicians and other health ... [Lees verder]
Onze prijs: 51,60 euro
Verwacht: 23 oktober 2017
Inderbir Singhs Textbook of Human Neuroanatomy

Inderbir Singh's Textbook of Human Neuroanatomy

Pritha S Bhuiyan, Lakshmi Rajgopal, K Shyamkishore
Onze prijs: 44,60 euro
Verwacht: 31 oktober 2017
Inderbir Singhs Human Embryology

Inderbir Singh's Human Embryology

V Subhadra Devi
Onze prijs: 56,30 euro
Verwacht: 31 oktober 2017
Diagnostic Cytology

Diagnostic Cytology

Pranab Dey
Onze prijs: 201,80 181,60 euro
(Actieprijs t/m 6 oktober)
Verwacht: 30 september 2017
Theatre and Cognitive Neuroscience

Theatre and Cognitive Neuroscience

Clelia Falletti, Gabriele Sofia, Victor Jacono
This is the first volume to provide a detailed introduction to some of the main areas of research and practice in the interdisciplinary field of ... [Lees verder]
Onze prijs: 32,80 euro
Verwacht: 19 oktober 2017
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