Supporting Mental Health and Academic Learning in Schools

An Integrative Approach

Schools play a critical role in promoting the academic, behavioural, social and emotional development of children, a responsibility that is shared with families and the community. Some schools exclusively focus on the academic progress and excellence of students, while others are predominately concerned with students' psychological well-being. Supporting Mental Health and Academic Learning in Schools presents new and innovative models and strategies that target the whole child in order to ensure that academic development is promoted alongside well-being and mental health. Drawing on survey and interview data collected from school communities in North America, Europe and Australia, this book expands upon already established evidence-based models and approaches, as well as developing new ones. Additionally, various case studies are presented that detail school staff experiences of promoting young people's mental health and wellbeing. This book is unique because it not only considers those formal programs that actively promote mental health and social well-being in the school community, but also demonstrates how everyday classroom practices and the curriculum might implicitly impact on young people in positive, but also potentially adverse, ways. This book examines, in detail, the different models, approaches and strategies that should enable teachers, school counsellors and school leaders to meet the various psycho-social needs of young people. As a result, the book should be essential reading for academics, researchers and postgraduates in the fields of mental health, education and developmental and educational psychology. It should also be of great interest to teachers, school counsellors and psychologists and school leaders.

Over de auteur

Andrea Reupert is an Associate Professor at Monash University, Clayton campus, and Director of Psychological Programs in the Faculty of Education. Andrea's area of expertise is in whole school approaches to school wellbeing, classroom management and inclusive education. She is currently Editor in Chief of Advances in Mental Health and Associate Editor for Australian Psychologist.


1. Introduction - what is the role of schools in promoting children and young people's mental health? 2. The relationship between well-being and learning 3. A three-tiered approach to supporting students in schools 4. School ethos and culture 5. Belonging and connectedness 6. Discipline and classroom management 7. Curriculum, teaching and learning 8. Partnerships and services 9. Understanding and addressing the well-being needs of a diverse student body 10. Staff well-being 11. Trauma and disasters 12. Mapping evidence

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