MacSween's Pathology of the Liver

This definitive reference text provides you with all of the information necessary to effectively diagnose and confidently sign out hepatobilary tissue samples. An invaluable aid to pathologists and hepatologists at all levels of training and practice, this book covers the full range of both benign and malignant lesions of the liver and biliary tract. All entities are accompanied by over a thousand carefully chosen photographs of outstanding quality. Summary tables, diagnostic flow charts, and analytic tables provide all the information you need for confident interpretation and accurate diagnosis.

Key Features

New technologies on the horizon in diagnostic Hepatology

New terminology/nomenclature of liver tumors particularly precursor lesions

Up to date coverage of drug induced injury covering entire spectrum including adverse reactions to novel biologics and alternative medicines

Readers can apply the 2010 WHO Classification in their routine diagnostic practice

New to This Edition

New chapter on methods: state of the art and forward looking which includes scoping new microscopic methods and puts biopsies in context with other new diagnostics

Expanded and enhanced chapter on Tumors with inclusion of cytopathology and use of WHO 2010 classification

Fresh approach to fatty liver disease by leaders in the field

State of the art new chapter on iron overload with novel approach to classification (guided by the involvement of arguably the world leading scientist in this field.

Even broader coverage of infections and liver disease

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